The Cleaners documentary will open Job Fair

  • May 07, 2019 09:00

Movie directors Moritz Riesewick and Hans Block are coming to FER on May 14th
Who controls what we see or we think we see in the digital space? The Cleaners documentary will lead you into the unknown industry of digital cleaning, to the hidden world of five content moderators that work in the capital of the Philippines, Manila. Hired by the Silicon Valley corporations, it’s the cleaners’ responsibilities to filter and clean up inappropriate content. 
14th Job Fair will officially open on May 14th at 9 am with the screening of the documentary The Cleaners (2018.) and a conversation with the directors of the film at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing at the D1 hall.
Moritz Riesewick and Hans Block pointed out how they wanted to show with their first documentary the other side of the story, a story of digital space in which billions of people participate on a daily basis – the hidden exploitation of thousands of young workers and a quiet critical thinking.
Freedom of speech cannot have only two options: wiping and ignoring
A typical cleaner has to go through and grade thousands of disturbing images and videos on a daily basis which is gradually destroying their mental health. The cleaners frequently encounter with the content that the governments of individual countries consider inappropriate, if the published content doesn’t suit them at the moment in question. With our documentary we wanted to stimulate a debate that should have happened sooner. After nearly fifteen years, social networks have become a strong and a powerful tool capable of dividing societies, the directors pointed out. The Cleaners directs the attention to the future of the society, the responsibility, the impact of political events and to the question of democracy and the freedom of speech. Screening of the movie The Cleaners is free, but  to see this insider documentary a ticket is needed which you can download through the Entrio system.
115 of the greatest companies at Job Fair
Zagreb’s Faculty of electrical engineering and computing on May 15th and 16th will host 115 domestic, regional and international companies. Fair’s goal is to introduce Croatian students with job possibilities, career development in Croatia and abroad and to connect them with successful companies. Other than jobs and internships, the organizers of the largest student job fair have prepared twenty three expert lectures, nine workshops and a Loosen up party at KSET at which the visitors of the fair’s first day will have an opportunity to talk with the companies’ representatives and play a quiz.
Job Fair is organized by FER, Career Centre FER, FER’s Student Association (SSFER) and the Club of Students of Electrical Engineering. For more information, follow Job Fair’s website, our Facebook page and Instagram profile.