We know how you can ensure going through to the final round at a job interview!

  • May 12, 2019 10:00

At every job interview there are questions and answers that are crucial to getting through to the final round. That is why we have prepared some questions and answers that employers repeat, after talking with the students that have completed their goal!
Tell me something about yourself
In 99% of cases this will be the first question. State in your reply the information from your CV, meaning, focus on your education and work experience. If you were active in sports, won awards of volunteered – mention it! Your reply shouldn’t last longer than 3 minutes.
The employer is looking for confidence, passion and enthusiasm.
What are your qualities?
The employer wants to know if they coincide with the company’s needs. The best way to answer this is to make a connection between knowledge, traits and skills you possess with what is expected from you at the job. If you’re applying for a job at a laboratory, mentioning that you’re a social and a communicative person won’t mean anything to the employer. Rather, mention that you’re neat, precise and with an attention to detail.
I am very hard working with attention to detail. When I’m working on a project, my goal is not to finish it by an established deadline but a few days sooner than that. I got a raise last year for finishing 2 projects ahead of time, Luka, aged 22 told us.
What are your flaws?
The employer wants to see if you are able to identify your flaws and if you are trying to correct them. In your reply, you should definitely not focus on your character flaws – as those mostly cannot be changed. The goal of this reply is to showcase the negative as the positive.
I am very detail oriented and I like making sure in every way that everything is going the way it should which is why it once happened to me that I couldn’t turn in my assignment at the assigned deadline. After that, I focused on better time management and turned in all the future assignments on time, pointed out Ana, aged 20.
Why should we hire you?
The best thing is to study the ad well and see which qualities and skills make you the best candidate for the position. Focus on one or two qualities which you may possess that are more difficult to find. Point out how you are a unique candidate and the qualities you mentioned in your CV.
The question of salary
Research the salary on a certain position at the company where you’re applying and the salary in other companies. Calculate then the middle value. You can always inform yourself by talking to a person that has worked at that position before. While you’re still at the beginning of the selection process, don’t be the first ones to start the topic, but if you’ve gone through several selection rounds – it is ok to ask.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
The employer wants to see with this question if you consider the position just as a transitory job or if you’re planning on remaining at the company for a longer period of time. Check what would be the logical path of progress before the interview. But the best thing is to mention how you see yourself now at the position for which you’re applying, that you plan on attaining experience through the years and that you’re hoping to progress through it.
An example of a proactive way of solving a problem
The best way to choosing the best elements of your CV is to tell a story of every achievement you listed. For purposes of telling this, simulate a specific problem, the action you took in resolving it and the result you accomplished (the so called PAR method). Apply it with you other responses to give an example to your skill and a trait.
What do you know about our company?
This question establishes if you’ve researched the company, and with that if you’re serious about your job application. Research the companies products, their history, what they’re known for, the awards they’ve been awarded, when and why was the last time they were in the media and similar information.
How do you handle change and stress?
A typical question meant to make sure if you are capable of handling changes. Give examples of a situation from your previous work experience, so your employers can know if they can switch you between departments depending on the company’s needs.
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