Twenty-three lectures in two days on Job Fair!

  • April 27, 2019 12:00

Job Fair is not just a fair that connects top Croatian students with best technological companies in region and abroad. Thanks to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, during the biggest business fair in Croatia alongside workshops, lectures will also be held that will be open for all visitors and won't require registration.

Look mom, I designed a chip!
Find out how FPGA SoC chips are being designed and how Xylon successfully does just that for over twenty years in area of computer vision, processing video signal and computer graphics. Lecturer Gordan Galić has over 20 years of FPGA experience. As a designer he participated in developing tens of electronical devices and traveled the world thanks to seminars and conferences in Europe, USA and Japan.

XY unknowns about world of development
What's the ticket to world of development? How to stand out in the crowd? How to stay up to date with novelties? How to engage in your community? How GitHub became Instagram for developers? A lot of hows and just one know-how will be revealed to you by Ian Rumac, software arhitect in Undabot. Most of his time is spent on having fun with Android and in the break between coding and testing you can find him on skateboard.

Palantir 101
Majority of institutions today, with protection of public, encounter massive amounts of data that need proccesing. Palantir's mission is to bring fresh perspective on organizing,  including and using that information. How? Come to the lecture held by Matija Bagić and find out!

Healthier, safer and greener life
Project leader Irina Schell will describe the process of making a chip from it's design to it's production, using the empirical methodology and programing tools in a smooth manner. Because of this project, Irina significantly contributed to the development of Infineon – world's leading company in the field of semiconductor material production.

Future of teaching math is now
Photomath is preparing EdTech – unique solution for simpler way of teaching math with modern technology. Matija Korpar will show you how are they going to do it and how you can became a part of it. He graduated from FER in 2013. and besides leading a team responsible for stability and accuracy of app's mathematical calculations, he does his programming in C++. 

How to turn the lights on in your house using  a cell phone
Grandpa from Five, also known as Domagoj Rukavina, will talk about the project of developing a mobile app for the American company Crestron. Company is the leader in the field of home automation systems. Discover how it's like to write a code that controls hardware in real-time and why developers at Five sometimes feel like true magicians.

Rich escape to Virgin Island
Tomislav Andros, debugger master will present how a criminal can steal money or cryptocurrency, hide the evidence from police and successfully escape to Virgin Islands. He will also present a way of securing organizations  in terms of prevention, detection and stopping these kind of activities, which is Diverto's field of expertise. 

5 842 682 vectors in HTML5 cartography
Lecture will explain why Google Maps is not good enough for enterprise and why GIS Cloud started making it's own cartographic technology, one of the fastest in the world. How does map engine operate? Why are vector tiles better than raster? How to render millions of vectors in real-time? These questions will be answered by Dino Ravnić, co-founder and director of GIS Cloud and the author of company's map engine technology.

From FER student to team leader
How did Luka Drezga go from graduation from FER to Design Team Lead in Ars Futura in just three years? With projects like eSpots platform for Activision Blizzard, the company makes prdata-heavy CRMs for Harvard and IoT projects for American health industry.

Smart cars get updates on programming systems
Current automobile networks are consisted of ECUs through which they communicate across multiple types of networks. Communication today is spread on remote services outside of the vehicle, which raises the question of maximum usage of system's resources. Juan Pablo Granados, CETITEC's CMO with six years of experience in automated technologies will show you what are the active trends and in what direction is the industry heading to. 

Deep learning in document analysis
Velimir Mihelčić, FER alumni and now machine learning engineer in doXray, where he specialized in natural language recognition, will show you the chemistry between text and AI and how it's being used in recognizing oral and written speech.

Platforma React changes the way of coding
With the introduction of React, Facebook had to reorganize teams, change the way of coding and programming mobile apps and thus gathered valuable experience. Their road to change will be presented to you by Luka Šterbić, programmer who joined Facebook in 2016. in London after graduating in Zagreb and gaining valuable experience in Singapore and Washington.
IoT networking
By 2020. there will be over 50 billion connected devices in the world. How Infobip prepared for this connections using their platform will be presented to you by Tomislav Smiljanić.

Energetics 4.0
Digitalization directly affects the energetic sector which follows 4D trends (digitalization, decentralization, decarbonization, democratization). It all leads to changes in business models of energetic companies where energy is being offered as a service. How HEP-ESCO handles these changes will be presented to you by Ivica Drožđan who deals with selling services of energy efficiency.

Machine learning in dairy industry – student story
Through story about development of MDD platform, Deegloo will show you how company's development progressed, their long-term visions and their cooperation with students. Join Ivan Lozić, company's co-founder and find out on which projects and technologies you can write your thesis, gain experience and get paid in the process!

How to conquer global market 
From idea to product that conquered global market and attracted a big investor. How team work and SCRUM methodology contributed to the process and it's success? Presented by Dino Kačavenda, Software Developer in SysKit team, who graduated from FER and started his carrer on a student practice and today is a leader of a well-known summer practice himself.

Embedded software challenges in automobile industry
How to write a software that enables four independent motors to reach 100 km/h in 1.85s? How X electronic control units ensure top performance and safety? Find out answers to these and many other questions on this year's Rimac Automobili lecture, which will be held by David Romić, leader of the team in charge of development of control software for battery packs.

Solving NP-heavy problems in practice
OptimoRoute use hundreds of firms for solving Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) or generalization of Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). Find out why, unlike academic solutions, quality solutions sometimes have to be presented in seconds and why the cheapest solution often isn't the preffered one. Frane Šarić, company's CTO, spent 11 years on FER and today focuses on OptimoRoute, where he solves all kinds of startup problems, from fundamental algorithms in C++ to frontend in React.

Factory without MES is like burek without meat
What is the best recipe for software management of factory production? Lecture of Marko Satrak, IT expert from 8 Sigma with more than 15 years of experience in working on international projects, will show you how Industry 4.0 an Internet of Things came to the most challenging production units and modernized production which is now possible to manage from the office, while enjoying a great meat burek.

How do you get from algorithm to product?
Gordan Kreković, member of management team of Visage Tecnologies, will offer you a unique insight in all that's being done in order to move from algorithms based on latest research and technologies to a successful product that's being used by over 200 clients across the world.

Challenges and opportunities in selling Croatian robots to Germans
Autonomous mobile robots will redefine human productivity and Croatia can offer the most advanced mobile robots based on visual perception. If automated economic systems of the future will be based on a close cooperation between humans and robots, then jump on a train called robotics and visit a lecture of Gideon Brothers' CEO Matija Kopić, the founder and former owner of a startup called Farmeron.

Who still works remotely?
Veljko Dragšić, co-founder of Pomični zarez, will cover the aspects of remote work and focus on finding suitable position, effective communication and building trust without cultural prejudice, while eliminating operative problems and keeping good salary in any corner of the world.

Who can make a game during a weekend?
In Nanobit once a year Game Jam is organized – a game hackathon in which teams of employees compete in who will make more enjoyable game in just two days! If you're interested in how one player can make a game in duration of one weekend then visit a lecture by Domagoj Šalković, two-time winner of this hackathon and discover his secret of success!

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Job Fair will be held on May 15th and 16th in the halls of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.
Job Fair is organised by FER, Career Center FER, Student Association of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (SSFER) and KSET.