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CET - Cutting Edge Technologies

NameCET - Cutting Edge Technologies
AddressBana Josipa Jelačića 22c, Čakovec
DescriptionCET specializes in development of software products and solutions for the automotive industry. Enabling efficient, secure and real-time information exchange is our main goal. We apply our expertise to support the development and adoption of advanced infotainment and driver assistance technologies.


Lokacija štandaD06


NazivChallenges for networking security in connected vehicles
Vrijeme održavanjaThursday, 24.05. at 10:00
Siva vijećnicaGrey hall / Siva vijećnica
Opis prezentacijeAdvances in communication and mobile services enable new features in the automotive world. This creates new challenges for In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and safety systems, where security needs to be part of design considerations. Networking design helps to increase security and enable new features.
O predavačuPablo Granados and Bojan Kolmanić are working over 10 years in the automotive industry and as being part of the industry for such a long time they possess in-depth knowledge about car communications and car security. From their perspective, as being somewhat of veterans in the industry, they will offer their insights on where the industry currently is and where it is headed to.