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ADB Safegate Graz- Austria

NameADB Safegate Graz- Austria
IndustryInformation and communication technology
AddressHerrgottwiesgasse 125
DescriptionAirplanes are safely landing and departing worldwide, using our systems under the control of our customers who trust in our solutions. Our portfolio includes solutions for Air and Ground Situation Displays, Electronic Flight Strip Systems, Apron Management and Arrival and Departure Management systems.


Lokacija štandaD09


NazivADB Safegate- How can we make flying safer and more effective together with you?
Vrijeme održavanjaWednesday, 23.05. at 14:30
Siva vijećnicaGrey hall / Siva vijećnica
Opis prezentacijeHow we found our Start Up 15 years ago and grew it? How we revolutionized aviation especially the Air Control Tower? How we grew while keeping our unique culture? What kind of challenges we currently have? How you could contribute and and benefit from being with us? What are you interests?
O predavačuDr. Thomas Leitner is one of the co-founders of AviBit who together with Dr. Konrad Köck founded the company in 2001 in Austria after graduating from the Technical University in Graz (where Nikola Tesla spent some time) Thanks to those gentlemen the site in Austria (100 people) Graz plays an important role in the international company of ADB Safegate an international player with about 1000 people in 25 different countries. Besides his Director role in Quality Management, Thomas Leitner plays a key role in managing the growth and keeping the great openminded culture.


NazivFly Europe Fly- ADB Safegate