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doXray B.V.

NamedoXray B.V.
IndustryBig data
AddressBorculoseweg 41, 7161GR, Neede
DescriptiondoXray applies, tailors and customizes it’s proprietary deep learning based NLP software to customer challenges in the legal, financial, real estate and BPO verticals. The doXray software uses entity extraction, categorization, comparison and other NLP services on unstructured or physical data.


Lokacija štandaB31


Naziv Deep Learning in Document Analysis
Vrijeme održavanjaWednesday, 15.05. at 14:30
Opis prezentacijeWe see massive growth in state-of-the-art machine learning models across NLP benchmarks - at doXray we tackle cross-industry document analysis problems using those models. Update on what's going on between text and AI lately, how can it be used to solve Entity Recognition and Text Classification.
O predavačuVelimir Mihelcic is FER Computer Science alumni, now Machine Learning Engineer at doXray, specialized in Natural Language Proccessing