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Pomični zarez d.o.o. (za Very Big Things)

NamePomični zarez d.o.o. (za Very Big Things)
IndustryMobile and web development
AddressMarije sniježne 73
DescriptionVery Big Things is a fast-growing global team working on diverse digital solutions for web, mobile, VR, AR and other devices and platforms. Our family of designers and developers spans two continents and has headquarters in Miami and Zagreb.


NazivWorking remotely without slacking
Vrijeme održavanjaThursday, 16.05. at 13:30
Opis prezentacijeThe speech covers different aspects of remote work and focuses on finding a remote position; communicating efficiently and building trust; bridging cultural differences and eliminating operational problems; self-management and getting paid while exploring ‘remote’ corners of the world.
O predavačuFER graduate and former member of KSET with abundance of successful software development projects under his belt and years of experience in managing teams and lifting up software products (remotely). Co-founder of Very Big Things, a digital products agency with offices in Miami and Zagreb.